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Garden Update: at the intersection of summer and fall

Most of the garden is starting to wrap up her in the north- I'll let the peppers and eggplant go until it is too cold for them (a cold frame or hoop house may be in the works, but it's also not super high on my priority lists, so no promises), and the melons and winter squash still have some growing to do.  I'll probably continue to harvest zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes for a few weeks- at least until labor day, hopefully longer.  I have potatoes, carrots, and beets that need to be harvested very soon.  I was going to attempt to get most of it done this past weekend, but 1) I had a lot to do, and 2) the farmer's almanac says the next best day to harvest is the 22nd.  So I used that as my rationale to procrastinate:)
Squash taking over my lawn.
 The picture above... yeah, that isn't garden, at least not mostly.  That is my squash where it has grown out into my yard.  The far one is acorn squash and the near is butternut.
Butternut squash in the grass.
 I counted at least nine butternut squash not counting the small ones, and many more acorn.

And as the summer garden finishes, the fall garden is just getting started. 
Cool weather lettuce and winter greens.
 Last week I planted the bed that had previously held carrots with salad and winter greens- kale and chard.  I know that I should have planted the root vegetables- the beets and turnips and carrots- first, but I am DYING for salad!
Prizehead lettuce seedlings.
 Many of the seeds I planted are already starting to come up... it's a wonder how much faster germination occurs when the weather is consistantly warm.  I also used a lot more compost per bed this planting than I did in the spring, which may have helped.

Today I finally got around to planting most of the rest of the fall crops (most, not all... let's hope I don't loose steam).  I planted the turnips, beets, and carrots.  I also, mostly on a whim, planted a few more hills of zucchini and some more herbs.  Zucchini grow so darned fast, I just wanted to see if I could squeeze some more in.  I probably would have had better luck starting in July, though.  For herbs, I planted basil (also grows fast, would be good to get in another batch of pesto or some more dried basil) and, as an experiment, I threw out some parsley seeds.

Parsley won't germinate this summer.  I'm aware of that.  Parsley is a bitch.  However, I am trying something.  You see, last year I direct seeded parsley, and nothing came up.  But this spring, as I was preparing the garden, I noticed that some of the parsley I planted last summer came up.  I figured that the seeds perhaps sprout easier after freezing.

What else will I be planting?  I just got mustard greens and collard greens (more winter greens) and I'm waiting on bunching onions and garlic.  The garlic and bunching onions are overwintering crops that won't be harvested until next summer, but the greens should be good through at least the first part of the winter.
I direct seeded these cabbage plants before our vacation in July- we may have cabbage this fall.
Between preparing and planting the winter beds, putting up food, keeping up with my kids, and preparing for the chick's arrival on Thursday (more on that in another post!), I have been super busy.  So of course the crabapples have to go and ripen this week!  So I'll have to add making some jelly to the list.
Time to pick crabapples.


Dollwood Farms said...

you ARE very busy! Wish I could come and help. I am done for the summer and it was too hot anyway so gearing up for fall now. Enjoy the veggies!

Tabby Tiger said...

It seems you have a handful on your garden. So many activities planned and right on the dot. I will not be surprise if you will have a bountiful harvest soon. Good luck!

Doll Houses said...

Wow! What an impressive apple tree you've got there! I just love your garden! Congrats on it!

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