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Make it Yourself Monday: Deodorant

You heard me right- deodorant.  I make my own.  Actually, because I seem to become used to any particular deodorant (meaning it doesn't work so well after a while), I rotate between homemade and whatever "clean" brand I can find (right now I'm using Now lavender long lasting deodorant).

Why would one want to make one's own deodorant?  Well, for one thing, deodorant, conventional or clean, is expensive (unless you play the coupon game, which I'm kind of over right now).  Even with slightly expensive ingredients like coconut oil and essential oil, the homemade version is much more thrifty.  And especially if you're concerned with using a clean deodorant, homemade can save you a lot of money because clean versions are pricey and you can seldom find coupons for them.

What do I mean by clean?  I mean deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum (found in most antiperspirants) or parabens or any other ingredients known to cause cancer or other health problems.  I'm not here, however, to sell you on clean deodorant- if you're interested in learning more check out this awesomeness from Kitchen Stewardship.

Homemade Deodorant
Makes a little more than one tube(?) of deodorant

  • 1/3 cup coconut oil (preferably virgin)
  • 1/3 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup corn starch or arrowroot starch (some people have issues with corn starch)
  • Optional- essential oils (ones that are anti-microbial would be good, like tea tree oil or rosemary oil, or just ones that smell good)
  • Optional- an old, cleaned out deodorant container
In a bowl mix the coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch. The mixture will be thick, but don't be tempted to melt the coconut oil.  If you do, the particulates (the corn starch and baking soda) will settle to the bottom.  Mix until well combined, then stir in essential oils if you so please.  Spoon into a cleaned out (and screwed all the way down) deodorant container or a small jar. 

That's it!  If you're using a deodorant container just roll onto your armpits as usual.  If you're using a jar you can dip a little out with your fingers.  Coconut oil is liquid above 78 degrees or so, so it melts as soon as it hits your skin and is easy to rub in.  On that note, if your bathroom (or wherever you keep your deodorant) is particularly warm and you don't want watery deodorant you may want to keep it in the fridge.

You may also want to find a VERY tight closing jar for your travel deodorant... mine tends to leak when we travel.

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