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Make it Yourself Monday: Hot Sauce

This is my first time, too:)

Lacto-fermented green jalapeno hot sauce and paste.

I've never made hot sauce before, but my peppers are going nuts, so I figure it's about time.  Ideally I would like them all to be red so that my hot sauce is red... but for a first go I'm using green jalapenos along with a few red mystery peppers... yeah funny story, I have three or four pepper plants that I have NO CLUE what variety they are.  I know I planted jalepenos, banana peppers, and pepperoncinis along with my red and orange sweet peppers.  None of these peppers are skinny and red.  But I have some skinny red peppers.  I'm pretty sure they are from this chef's blend pepper mix I planted from last year's seeds, but I didn't think any of them sprouted.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, my peppers got so messed up when I started them...  better labeling next year!

So since I've never done this before, I'm using someone else's recipe.  The recipe I'm following is from The Nourished Kitchen's ecourse Get Cultured! How to ferment anything.

Fermented Hot Sauce

  • 3 pounds fresh chili peppers (Scotch bonnets,Jalapenos, Serranos etc.)
  • 4 to 6 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
  • 2 tablespoons unrefined cane sugar, optional
  • 2 teaspoons unrefined sea salt
  • starter culture*
Snip the stems from the chilies but leave the green cap intact as it contributes to the complexity of the sauce’s flavor.  Puree the chilies with garlic, cane sugar (if using), unrefined sea salt and starter culture of choice.3. Spoon the mixture into mason jars or vegetable fermenters, cover it loosely with a lid and
allow it to ferment at room temperature forfive to seven days.  After five to seven days, strain the fermented chili mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Reserve the solids for a fermented chili paste and
the strained liquid for a hot chili sauce.  The fermented chili paste should keep, refrigerated, or several months while the fermented chili hot sauce can keep, unrefrigerated or refrigerated, for several months.

*Options for your starter:  Use 1 cup fresh whey (from straining dairy ferments) or 1/4 cup brine from previously fermented vegetables.

Happy fermenting- I'll post pictures as soon as I have some!


Jamie said...

3lbs of chili peppers? I'm officially scared of this recipe!

Brandislee said...

Well, it is a recipe for hot sauce! :) I'm planning on halving the recipe, though, when I finally get around to trying it... which should be today. I was going to do it yesterday, but I got caught up installing my automatic chicken coop door.

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