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That's all.  I haven't been posting because of my exceedingly long to-do list, and at the top of that list is digging and storing potatoes.

Also on the list: canning more tomatoes (lots more... currently just hanging out on my counter while I dig potatoes), canning and freezing zucchini (ditto), and building a chicken tractor or two for my quickly growing broiler chicks.

And speaking of broiler chicks, they have caused me some anxiety.  First of all, due to higher than expected demand, I ordered 50 more on a whim.  They come next week.  And now I'm second guessing that decision.  Second, I've most four chicks in the last five days.  That's more dead chickens than I have ever dealt with in my entire career of chicken raising combined (not counting the ones intentionally killed).  Nothing seems to be visibly wrong with them, they just die.  I know this is normal, but it's never happened to me before... out of the five batches of chicks I have raised before this one (counting the batch of broilers I raised as a 4-H project in high school) I have lost TWO chicks to random sudden chick death.  And I lost one older chick to a hawk, so out of the 55 previous chicks I have owned only three have died from any cause.  Now four dead chicks out of 50.  I know it's normal, but I don't like it and it's making me worry that there is something wrong with them.

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