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Preparing for the new arrivals... and the world's most ghetto brooder

It sneaked up on me... my chicks will be arriving on Thursday, and as of this morning I still wasn't sure where I was going to brood them for at least the first week.  I brooded my first chicks in my old dog crate, but that isn't going to be big enough for 50 chicks.  My brooder setup in the coop is big enough for 50 chicks, but at the moment my big chickens are making good use of that space and I don't want to upset their world.

I thought about just throwing them in the tractor, but for at least the first week they would be too small- I would worry that they would slip out through a hole, or that they would catch a draft despite their heat lamp.

So I looked around and I thought.  I finally decided that, for the first week at least, I will brood the chicks in the garage.  But, as I said, they won't all fit in the dog crate. However, I have the dog house I used as shelter the last time I kept broilers.  The only problem- no door.  Oh, wait, I have duct tape- no problem!
A little poly netting and some duct tape- voila!  Cat proof brooder.
I prepared the other brooder, the dog crate, by placing pieces of cardboard around the sides of the crate.  This does several things; it keeps the bedding in the crate (more or less...), it keeps drafts off the chicks, and it keeps curious little kitty paws from maiming them.

Now all I need is the bedding... and to figure out how to set up a heat lamp in the doghouse that is secure enough to keep from burning the place up.

1 comment:

Grace said...

That's hilarious. Duct tape rules! I can't wait to get the new pink with white polka dots.

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