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So, what did you do today?

After last week's laze-fest, I had to make up for it.  And I did.  And how.  It's 1:30am and I just finished the last of today's (yesterday's?) putting up.  So, because I'm too tired to type (much...), here is our day in pictures.

Oh wait... I also want to share this.  My first guest post!  My friend Jamie has a blog where she shares her experiences raising her two sons, one her biological child and one adopted from Ethiopia.  One of her favorite causes is boobs... I mean breastfeeding:)  So she asked friends and other bloggers to share their experiences and views on the topic, and I loved sharing mine.

Back to my day... first off, this morning I woke up a little late, and a friend showed up as I was opening the garage door to let the kittens out for the day.  As we stood in front of the garage chatting, this guy comes sauntering around the corner...
 Dinner was out, and I had no idea how!  We went to inspect the coop, and everything was locked up tight... the automatic door wasn't even open (turns out I had set the timer wrong).  So my only guess is that I left him outside all night.  Although I have no idea how that could have happened.  At least he's okay, although he was pretty happy to get back into the coop with his ladies.
My kids, pretending they helped:)
 After that was ironed out, we went right to the garden.  I had a bunch of stuff that needed to be picked, as so far I've only been picking the cukes, zucchini, and a few tomatoes (you know, the stuff that NEEDS to be picked).  So I picked an entire bed of carrots, an bowl of banana peppers, a bowl of jalapenos, another tub of cukes and tomatoes, a bunch of herbs (chives, dill, and oregano), and three eggplant.
BIG bowl of banana peppers, and some chives and dill.
Cukes and tomatoes.
Jalapenos and eggplant.
 All told we picked 22 lbs of carrots... and I still have another bed to pick.  I sorted out the developmentally challenged carrots (cracked, eaten, deformed, etc) and packed the good carrots in a tub full of damp sand for cold storage.
Carrots being packed for cold storage.
 This was the scene in our kitchen come lunch time... it was a bit of a squeeze to fix and eat our sandwiches!  In addition to the veg listed above I also had two bags of kale, a bag of chard, and a bag of beets to deal with.
Oliver eating lunch amidst the preserving chaos.
 I started with the easy- dehydrating some herbs.
Drying herbs in my crappy Ronco dehydrator.
I then moved onto all the dicing, shredding, and mixing.  Lots and lots of dicing.
Shredded beets waiting to be fermented.
 All told I made nearly a half gallon of hot chili sauce/paste, two pints of fermented zucchini relish (one shredded and one diced- it's all an experiment to see what is best for zucchini), one quart of fermented zucchini slices, one quart of fermented summer squash and tomato chutney, a 24 oz jar (that's a pint and a half, yo) of sour beets, a quart of lacto fermented fire roasted salsa, a pint of refrigerator zucchini relish (same as the zucchini ribbon recipe from this post, only diced), and, on a whim and totally because I stumbled upon the recipe on the web the day before, a pint of refrigerator pickled rainbow chard stems.  Way too much sugar in that recipe, but it sounded good and interesting, and I love having a jar or two of out of the ordinary things on hand for holiday relish trays.  In addition to all the canned goodies I also blanched and froze three more bags of greens (a mixture of the kale and chard- I did the beet greens last week) and shredded and froze three more bags of zucchini.
All in a day's work.
 Wiping sweat off brow...  Phew.  All that food preserved, and no heat canning in sight.  Today I need to can (yes, actually can...) all those banana peppers, and I really REALLY would like to get some fall crops planted today, since it's already starting to cool off her in the frigid north.  By the way, the weather here right now is AMAZING.  If only it weren't tainted by the thought of impending winter...

So what are you up to?  Gardening?  Putting up food?  Just enjoying summer?

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Cait said...

Holy wow lady.

simply heidi said...

That looks amazing. Will you post some of your recipes?
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