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I went to the chiropracter (still hating how much time that kills...).

I moved the broiler chicks outside to what I am now calling the intermediate brooding tractor.  Amazing how well they're doing out there.  And amazing how I love to come up with fancy names for things.  I now have a little less than two weeks to build their actual tractor... and during those two weeks I'll have company, so of course it will get done at the last minute.

I found another egg.

I also found a soft shelled egg.  I'm assuming it was laid by the lemon orp because I found it first thing this morning by where she sleeps.  I also found a shell-less egg the other day but didn't realize what it was until I saw the soft shelled egg in the same spot today.  I just put out the oyster shell yesterday, so I'll give that a few days to start working before I try something else.

I picked more tomatoes.  I now have yet another (what is this, 4? 5?) big dish tub I need to do something with.  I am not complaining, I promise- I wanted enough tomatoes to make all/most of the tomato products we use over the course of a year.  I may get my wish.  So far I have 6 24 oz jars of pasta sauce, 12 pints of pizza sauce, 4 24 oz jars of salsa, 7 pints of tomato sauce, and 11 pints and one quart of diced/whole tomatoes.  I still haven't dried any, but that isn't a high priority as they don't get used as often as the others, and I would like to use all that I have now to make more sauce and probably more salsa.

And while we're at it, let's talk about my to-do list for this weekend.  I need to dig potatoes, clean up the tomato patch, pull the rest of the carrots and beets, plant the mustard and collard greens, and process the aforementioned tomatoes.

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