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Fall Meal Plan: Week 2

Better late than never, right?

This week I am incorporating a lot of the greens we have growing in the garden right now- lots of kale, spinach, and chard.  I also have some mushrooms I have grown on a mushroom patch I ordered a while ago (but not many- I wasn't particularly impressed with it).

I know I mentioned last week my focus on using stock and fermented foods each day- then I looked at my meal plan.  What can I say- it's a work in progress.  So this week I worked on incorporating more fermented foods and stock into the meal plan, with the goal being every day.  The stock is obviously there in the soups I have planned (I heart soup...), but will also be used in sauces and in braising vegetables.  Fermented foods are often to be had in the condiments- hot sauce, creme fraiche, sides of sauerkraut and salsa, and sour pickles.

So here's this week's meal plan.

Or click here for an easier to read printable version.  Once I get my ducks in a row I'll start posting recipes in conjunction with these meal plans.

For more meal planning inspiration check out Plan it Don't Panic from Keeper of the Home.

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