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Feeding the Fam through Fall and Winter

Now is not the time for modesty- I've worked my a$$ off this summer.  I won't even go as far as to say I've worked as hard as my husband does (he's a bit of a work-a-holic) because  even on my hardest days I still usually have the opportunity to take a nap.  But that's just one of the perks of being self employed:)
The fruits of my labor...
 Oh, and I meant to apologize for not posting much lately.  I'm been simultaneously super busy and super unmotivated.  It's a pretty self destructive combo.  And you did get a glimpse at the result with this post.  I felt like my life was spiraling out of my control for most of this week.  But I'm over it now, and back to my usual "I can only do what I can do" credo.

But back to this summer's hard work- I didn't do it just for shits and giggles (dude, what's with the potty mouth today? so unlike me...).  I do enjoy gardening, but if I did it for pure enjoyment I'd probably have a modest and easy to care for 15 x 15 plot, not the massive (and expanding) 50 x 50 garden I have.  It's a lot of work to keep up with (less than you would think, but still quite a lot).  But I had a goal- I wanted to grow as much food as possible to sustain my family.  Not just enough for a few salads and BLT's over the summer- I'm talking at least a hundred pounds of potatoes, quarts and quarts and quarts of canned tomato products, canned fruits and jellies, frozen beans and zucchini, dried and canned beans, fermented pickles and sauerkraut from home grown cukes and cabbage... as well as jellies and pickles to give as gifts over the next several months.  And for the most part I've accomplished this.

I've still got quite a few things to bring in from the garden, and very soon I will have fall crops to harvest as well (and overwintering crops to plant...).  But I've been thinking about what in the heck I'm going to post about over the winter.  The bulk of my posts this summer have been about either my garden, putting up food from my garden, or chickens.  And I can only post so much about how cold and miserable my chickens are.  So I've been brainstorming some topics.
Mmmmmm... bread.
  • Baking Bread (I've been promising this one for a while- it's coming soon, I promise!).  If I can figure out how to work bread into a series, I'll be all over it.
  • Soup- I may do a weekly or bi-weekly soup recipe.  Because I stinkin' love soup and can't get enough of it.
  • Homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Easy crafts for the home (because I only do easy crafts...).
But what I want to do the most over the winter is really focus on how and what we eat.  I plan to do that by meal planning EACH meal (including lunch) and including more protein and less grain... because I know I eat way to much grain (always usually whole and soaked, but still...).  And I want to use home preserved foods for as much of each meal as I can.  If I focus on that for the first portion of the winter (instead of hoarding it until later, which I'm bad about) it will give me a fairly accurate idea as to how long each item will last and how much more I will grow/preserve next winter.  And when I run out of something (say, onions) I want to go without for as long as possible.  It will be a challenge and I am notorious for buckling under pressure like that, so we'll see.

So, at least for the first few months (and probably not starting this week, but soon) I will try to post my meal plan, my shopping list (if there is anything) and maybe a recipe or two from the week.  It will give me some sense of accountability and possibly inspire others to grow and preserve, or at least to eat local.

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webbsway said...

O Yes - I am looking forward to your "Winter-Posts" more than I am looking forward to Winter drain.

All of your ideas sound great to me. I have enjoyed your "harvest posts" because all of them have been my goal through the years, but now that time has passed on by - I have found it a challenge to pull it all off-so your blog has come as great inspiration to me! : )

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