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Make It Yourself Monday: No Closure Snack Bags

It's back to school, and if you're anything like me (a control freak, a fanatic about what your kids eat, etc...) you're either packing lunches or thinking about them.  One of the integral parts of lunch packing is food containment- what are you going to pack the food in?  I like to use re-usable everything, from napkins to silverware to bags.  So, in honor of back to school, I thought I'd post a little tutorial on making easy no closure snack bags.
Don't be fooled by the "no closure" part- these do close, but there is no velcro, snaps, or zipper to worry about, which makes this super easy for beginners.  I wouldn't put something super sloppy in them, but they are great for dry snacks, fruit, nuts, or cut up veggies.

First, gather your materials.  You need:
  • Cotton print of choice, or any non-stretchy woven fabric, 1 yard makes at least 8 bags
  • Contrast nylon rip stop fabric (with outerwear fabrics, it is always sold in various solid colors and has little squares, like umbro shorts... remember those..., that indicate the rip-stop).
  • Contrast thread, make SURE it's 100% poly thread, as cotton will wick moisture if you put anything wet in the bag.  Not as important for these as for, say, diapers, though.
  • Pins, sewing machine/serger, scissors, ruler... general sewing stuff.
First, cut an 8" x 15" rectangle out of the print, then one out of the nylon:
Then pin the fabrics with WRONG sides together (it's hard to tell with the nylon, and I don't think it matters...).  Using either a serger or the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, pin and stitch the pieces together ONLY along one short side, like this:
Remove those pins, and fold your fabric like this, with the already sewn side to the front: (make sure your fabric is lined up REALLY well)
Then, starting at one lower corner, simply sew around the open three sides with either your serger or zigzag stitch.  And Tada:
Super simple, super cute snack bags for your kid's lunch box, your purse, or wherever.

This is the simplest method there is for a snack bag.  However, if you want a slightly neater appearance you can pin the two pieces with right sides together, sew like a pillow cover (aka leave a few inches open on the middle of one side for turning), turn, clip corners, then fold and topstich either with a straight stitch or a decorative stitch.  I've done two like that, but take my word for it, this is MUCH simpler!


The Manlupig Family said...

You read my mind!! Just this morning i noticed we needed more reuseable bags. I put it out of my mind since I'm out of velcro. This is perfect!! Duh. Now I can make some!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed this part but isn't there a concern that the fabric isnt food safe? I was going to take on this project a while back but ran into that concern because of all the chemicals normally used to process fabrics. Curious...

Brandislee said...

I've weighed the pros and cons, and decided fabric is fine for my purposes. It's in contact almost always with dry food- food that, in fact, I would be totally fine with coming in contact with plastic. It's a decision you have to make yourself, though, whether or not you think it is safe for your family.

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