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Real Food Meal Plan: Week 1

I am so tired I can't think.  I think I may be getting sick.  And I have no Make it Yourself Monday Post because I'm too tired to come up with one.  But I do have a meal plan.  And since that is something that I have been meaning to post weekly, that's what you get!

My goal this fall and early winter, so far as meal planning goes, is to focus on the foods I have stored up from the summer; the chickens I have raised and all of the fruits and veggies I have grown and lovingly preserved.  And, of course, the eggs I hope to continue to get from my layers.  So, along with each week's meal plan I will include a list of what I had to buy that week.

Our basic food philosophy- eat foods in their most wholesome form.  Eat a combination of cooked/raw/fermented foods.  Include stocks and fermented foods daily, especially in fall and winter.  Soak all grains and beans (exception- we do eat store bought whole wheat pasta, but I limit that to no more than once a week).  Butter, eggs, bacon fat, and chicken fat are our friends:)

     ...or click HERE for an easier to read, printable version.

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Raelene said...

I really like how you have your menu set up.

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