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Should we be able to buy raw milk?

I understand why we have food regulations.  I'm not some extremist nut-job who says we should have no regulation of any kind.  Places that process food should be inspected for cleanliness, food and ingredient lists should be evaluated for accuracy, and animal living conditions should be regulated (far more than they are now, but that is neither here nor there).  But I officially think we've crossed the line.

And I say we because we all have to take responsibility for the actions of a democratic government.  I don't care what you think you should drink personally, but do you feel that people should have the right to buy it?

Because I can't understand for the life of me how government officials can justify it NOT being legal.  Because the people who buy raw milk aren't haphazardly coming across it and buying it because it's all they can afford- on the contrary, raw milk is hard to find and expensive, and the only people who go out of their way to buy it have done extensive research and have weighed the risks vs the benefits.  Why shouldn't they have that right?

Do they think they're protecting us from ourselves?  Because the more I read the more of a risk drinking conventional milk is.  In fact, given the heightened cancer risk from drinking conventional milk, one could say more people die each year from drinking conventional milk than they do from drinking raw milk (which contains significantly lower amounts of hormones).

Do they have the interests of conventional dairy farms in mind?  Because I highly doubt the small number of people who want raw dairy will make much of a dent in the business of big dairy (unfortunately...).

I don't get it.  I just don't get it.


webbsway said...

I agree with you a hundred percent. I actually had a lovely herd of dairy goats for years.

I started getting all these upsetting phone calls telling how their child was dieing & desperately needed the raw goats milk . My heart was breaking as I told them that it was against the law for me to seel raw milk.

Then a few years later I bumped into the man who told me that the government had me under observation & decided that anybody who had that many goats (30) HAD to be doing something illegal with the milk & they had sent those people to make the phone calls -trying to catch me selling raw milk! It certainly is a Free Country isn't it?

Brandislee said...

That is terrible! I get why they need to regulate SOME things, I'm not an anarchist, but I really truly don't understand why they want to regulate people who are making well informed, personal choices. Too bad there aren't new lands to discover- we could start a country based on food freedom!

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