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Isn't it Funny?

 It's funny what you remember.
Thankfully I have thousands (nearly) of pictures of Izzy's childhood, and nearly as many of Oliver, but I don't remember many of the specific moments of their first six months.  But yesterday I happened to be standing outside when Izzy came home from school, and as I watched my big girl get off the bus with her backpack and lunch box and run to greet the dogs I had a flash.  I remembered a valentine's day party we had with her play group (because with your first child you have play dates even when they're 6 months old...) when she was 6 months old- she was wearing this amazing pastel polka dot dress.  I remember she ate a banana at the party (she had only been eating solids for a little while) and was one of the only in her group who was sitting unassisted.  I remember she didn't nap the whole morning and on the way home from the party, around 1pm, I had to stop at the grocery store.  I remember how hard she was trying to stay awake, sitting straight up as I carried her into the store with her eyes wide open.  (I'm pretty sure the picture above was taken that same day- if not, it's from the same month and is the same dress)

It seems like it was just last year, and here she is, in school, reading, doing math, mostly able to do things herself.  Ask anyone who know's me, I am not a "they're growing up to fast (sob!)" kind of mom.  I get those moms, I just don't go there.  When they were infants I was ready for them to get older (and sleep through the night), then they were toddlers and I couldn't wait for them to outgrow tantrums, and even now that they are officially respectively a preschooler and school-ager and I thoroughly and sincerely enjoy them 97% of the time I still try to live in the moment and not dwell on how fast they're growing up (although now I can be heard telling them to stop growing...), I have these moments every once in a while.

I'm sure it has something to do with them being gone last week- I have always missed them when they are apart from me, but this past time was harder for me.  You would think it would be harder when they're younger and get easier when they get older, but I don't like to be like everyone else:)  I not only missed them in that parental way, I missed them on another level I can't quite quantify.  I had a much stronger sensation of missing a very important part of me (you know, like an arm...), and then when this happened I could hardly handle it.  I handle emergency and drama well, normally with a quick and level head.

Yes, I'm rambling a little.  I'm procrastinating digging post holes.  But I figure most other moms out there can relate to both selective memories and the passage of time.  And I wanted to show off my adorable daughter- while my kids are a challege during infancy and I'm not a huge fan of being pregnant, I do have to admit that I make cute offspring.  Just for further proof I'll leave you with this:

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