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Signs of Spring

Garlic shoots pushing up- is it just me or does that look munched?  I didn't think rabbits ate garlic???
 If you caught my post yesterday you know it wasn't one of my best days.  But today is a new day.  It is gorgeous and warm and sunny out, and I can hardly bear to be inside.  And today was the first day I've noticed signs of spring, a reminder to me that life ebbs and flows, and with every life that ends another begins.

The first sign I noticed seems to have happened literally overnight.  On Friday morning, before I left, the ground was still frozen solid.  This morning, on the sunny side of the chicken coop, I noticed this when I went out to do chores:

First shoots of grass emerging.
It was a great way to start a day, with hope of new life.  Later this morning I started poking around the farm, looking for more signs.  Surely the grass wasn't the only thing re-emerging.

I hadn't looked under my hoop house since December, when even the hardiest of greens succumbed to the freezing temps.  One thing I try to vigilant about is dumping standing water.  Between doing that daily and the chickens we had a significant drop in the mosquito population last summer, and I hope for that to continue.  I went to dump the water that had pooled on the edges of the plastic that covers the hoop house, and when I lifted the plastic I found this:
A nice surprise- Spinach!
 Talk about a nice surprise!  We should be able to harvest this soon, and only a few leaves show signs of frost damage!  Encouraged by this, I'm going to clean out the rest of the hoop house and plant some kale and more spinach.

And of course the chickens enjoy this weather as much as I do, if not more.
 My maple say is unfortunately not flowing as well as I would like since the night time temps aren't dropping enough.  But I refuse to complain.
 And I found the first buds on the trees (the maple tree, which also doesn't bode well for much more sap collection).

Can't wait to see more!


Blackberry brambles said...

I love the first sign of spring. Our bushes are budding, and small flowers are getting ready to bloom.

Tales from a Misfit Housewife said...

I am loving your site! It is spring here too in Idaho and I am so excited. I am looking to raise some meat chickens this spring, I already have egg layers.

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