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For all Moms...

This is not a rant about social media.  I love social media, especially pinterest.  This is a rant about how many of us, especially moms, react to social media (especially pinterest).

You see, we find all these pictures of awesome things other people make/do and we feel like we need to do them as well.  We need to bake beautiful baked goods every day, have a picture perfect house, arrange centerpieces (a new one for each season and holiday!), have everything neatly organized, have a clever craft and learning activity for our children every day, plan the perfect themed birthday parties, cut all our kids food into adorable shapes, have three types of homemade popsicles in the freezer at any given time... you get the idea.

But you know what happens when you're planning all of these things you "have" to do, struggling with doing them perfectly (like the picture!) the first time, lamenting why they didn't turn out right, and feeling guilty for all the projects you didn't have time to do?

Life is happening.

Your life.  Your kids' lives.  While you are feeling badly that you can't have everything perfect, your kids are probably creating a magical story with their toys, or pretending the ground around their jungle gym is hot lava, or painting a picture of you.  They don't care if all of the decorations at their birthday party are perfectly planned around a theme, or if your centerpiece is seasonally appropriate, or if everything they eat is painstakingly made from scratch.  They just want you to be there, with them.

But this blog post from April at The Power of Moms puts it far better than I can (I may have cried just a little bit...).

Also, remember the pictures you see on blogs and Pinterest are just snapshots.  One tiny glimpse of one tiny thing in someone's life.  It is usually staged.  I can attest that often on the opposite side of the camera is a huge, ugly mess that was pushed out of the way for the picture.  And this is only natural- no one wants to see a mess, and no one wants their mess posted on the web.  But I'm a little crazy, so for the sake of giving everyone a reality check I hopped up and took a pic of our main living area and kitchen.  No staging or cleaning. 
This is reality (I tried really hard to get how cluttered the kitchen is, as well, but the glare from the sun made it hard to capture).  Sometimes it's cleaner, usually it's messier.  But this is real.  I have a chick in my dining room, on top of the Excaliber I can't seem to find a good place for.  There are seed packets and crayons and clean laundry (still around from the other night's puke fest) on the table.  And I'm (mostly) okay with that for now.

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