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I must be crazy.

Bear with me.  I'm really tired today, after being up in the night with a puking kid (and before my enemies use that against me, he puked once in the middle of the night and was up at his normal time this morning as if nothing had ever happened- my kids' immunity amazes me!).

And let's just say I have a very low tolerance for stupidity when I am tired, and very poor impulse control.

I get really tired of people treating me like an outlier.  I have read more in my 30 years (yep, that's how tired I am, I just willingly gave up my age, only I didn't give it accurately) than probably 90% of people will read in their lifetimes.  I research topics that interest me thoroughly before I pretend to know ANYTHING about them, because I do not like being proven wrong.  But people who don't research anything, whose information relies solely on the opinions of doctors, drug companies, the FD freakin' A (because of course they have our best interests and long term health in mind, not their own bank accounts), and the status quo think I am crazy.

I must be crazy for not trusting high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener, or anything made in a lab.

I must be crazy for seeing the link between between heart disease and NOT fat and cholesterol, but adulteration of our food including but not limited to homogenization of milk, refining of grains and sugars, and the industrialization of farming.

I must be crazy for thinking refined sugar is poison.

And I must REALLY be crazy for thinking that grain is an unsuitable food for babies.

You know what?  I'll just keep being crazy.  Because I've come across studies that suggest if we continue eating the standard American diet we will be infertile in four generations (oh, did I forget to mention link between diet and fertility and the recent spike in fertility issues above?  sorry...)

Survival of the fittest and all. 


Grace said...

Oh, I so relate to this!

Why can't I just stop being such a pain in the butt and go along to McDonald's with everybody else? It's so inconvenient that we have to eat real food when Grace is around. I am surrounded by long-suffering sighs, and I don't care! I will NOT go to McDonalds and they WILL eat real food when I am around. They can poison themselves and their kids on their own time.

I'm not giving up on any of them, I will never give up on them, but doesn't it just grate on your nerves when they let you know all of the time how difficult you make things by trying to do the right thing?

Also, Family, if I can't save you, is it ok with y'all if I save myself? I have multiple life-threatening diseases, all related to food issues. I mean, do you mind? Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Grace, you are sooooo right! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my battles. I get so tired of the constant comments and the raised eyebrows. It makes me sad too because I know what the "food" they're eating is doing to them. My mother's doctor actually told her recently to NOT EAT REAL BUTTER (after I had FINALLY convinced her to stop eating margarine)! He said "all that fat" was sooooo bad for her!! He told her she needed to use Benecol! I just about lost it when she told me. Have you seen the ingredients in that stuff? One type even has Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil. I got angry and told her that she better not eat it, I didn't care what her doctor said. Even if she wouldn't eat butter anymore, simply because her doctor said not to, she could at least find something that was healthier than THAT! Unbelievable! I do believe that doctors generally try to do what they believe is right and they are necessary, but this is just one example of the damage they can do too.

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