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It's a Miracle!

In honor of the upcoming Easter Holiday, I am posting a little miracle today.

I've finally found and effective migraine treatment!  Effective for me, at least.

When I say effective, I don't mean it mostly gets rid of the headache, or that it dulls the headache enough that I can function.  I mean the headache is GONE in an hour.  That's right.  All the way gone.  Nothing has ever done that for my headaches before.  I learned it from a friend, who learned it from a holistic doctor and neurologist.

But first let me warn you that I am going to do something that will make you think I've lost my marbles.  On a blog where I promote whole foods, clean living, and avoiding junk and processed foods, I am going to recommend something as part of the treatment that could possibly make you think less of me.  Please remember, especially if you have never had a migraine, that this pain is enough to make a person do just about anything for relief.  I made it through a two day labor with no pain medication, but when your headaches often last weeks and interfere with your day to day life, you have to do something.  I tried this, and it worked.  Try not to judge.  I get about one headache a month, I figure this amount of junk won't do much damage in the long run.

And if you get hormonal migraines and, like me, you have tried everything else under the sun to get relief, TRY THIS.

The most important part of the treatment is this:  Two Advil Liqui-Gels (must be Advil Liqui-Gels, although some in the comments report the same success with Excedrin Migraine... just remember YMMV if you use anything else) and a CAN (must be a can) of Coke Zero.

Here is the post from my friend Jamie's blog, which entails a few more steps after the Coke/Advil cocktail.  But I have to say that tonight I only did the Coke and Advil without doing the rest because I was on my way to choir practice.  It worked fantastically.

Try it!  Or don't, but it's your headache!

Oh, and as a qualifier, I do think it is also important to change your diet and lifestyle FIRST to see if that improves your migraines.  I saw significant improvement after changing to a diet low in processed foods and high in pastured meat, eggs, soaked grains, and lots of veggies and fruit.  I've also tried all the natural and homeopathic remedies I have come across, balancing my hormones in various ways (pills, lotions, the light thing that I can't remember the name of right now), I've eliminated soy, I've eliminated meat (a long time ago), I don't consume any preservatives or artificial colors... there is probably SOMETHING causing my migraines, but I don't know what it is so until I do and can figure out how to fix, I will drink a Coke Zero when I get a headache.

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