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My kids' favorite lunch

There is no recipe.  Just a plate.  That's what they call it- "mom, can we have a plate full of stuff with peanut butter in the middle?"

This particular mix has (as if you couldn't tell) cut up apple (with lemon juice to prevent browning), cucumber, blueberries, and cut up leftover chicken (just chicken tenderloins breaded with corn meal and pan fried- really simple and good).  But this is totally a "what do I have in the fridge" kind of meal.  Most regularly it would feature carrots, apples, pretzels or crackers, and cut up string cheese.  But this is one of my favorites as well, because it's easy to prepare, the kids can help both by actually helping to cut and fill the plate and by choosing what goes on it, and kids who help eat more/better.

Same with the dip.  Izzy likes peanut butter (for apples and carrots only) and Oliver likes hummus, and those are pretty much the only dips they like (seriously, neither of them likes ketchup or ranch, and I am more than okay with that).  So we use what we have (or have both).  But the dip is more fun than nutritive, so use what your kids like.

Now if only this weren't my ONLY good idea for lunch...  today we had yogurt with honey and strawberry jam because 1) there was nothing in the fridge (not that we ever have a shortage of food, just a shortage of prepared food), and 2) I was too hot to think about eating anything else.  Wanna share your fast easy healthy lunch idea?

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Tanya said...

Lol - just found your post (literally - I've only read (and printed - thanks!) the post on ginger ale) and had to comment on this favorite lunch. Hahhaha - I have four kids and this is also their favorite lunch we call it "Stuff"
kids: what are we having for lunch
me: ah, I think.... lets have stuff
kids: yeah, yippee we love stuff

hahahha cracks me up

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