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On Chicken Stock, Yogurt, and Illegal Cheese.

It can be frustrating when you end up with far more whey than cheese... which is the case pretty much always.
When I was writing the post a few days ago about my lunch and how it shows how far I've come on my real food journey I kept thinking about chicken stock.  And yogurt.
Both things I have messed up on a few occasions.  I kept thinking about how to resolve those potentially wasteful situations (not wastes for me- I either sucked it up at used them or fed them to the animals) with my whole sales pitch.  Not that I'm trying to sell anything, but if I can convince one or two people to convert from the standard American diet to a diet rich in whole, traditional foods, I'll consider my time well spent.

And it hit me when a friend commented on the picture (of the liver and the stock and the like) on Facebook.  I had two cups of stock that day because that day's batch was really exceptionally good.  Sometimes I neglect to check the heat and it gets too hot, which causes the stock to burn and get a slightly off color and flavor.  Despite the fact that it was boiling when I woke up this morning (and I try to avoid boiling my stock more than a few minutes, keeping it just below a boil for the rest of the cooking time), it was near perfect in color and flavor.

So yes, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, when I make my own yogurt or chicken stock (and probably someday my illegal goat cheese) or anything else homemade it doesn't turn out perfectly.  Most of the time it's still edible and gets eaten, if only by the chickens.  And I know one does not have this problem with store bought yogurt, chicken "stock" (I hate calling it that- even the ones called stock are NOT STOCK), and perfectly legal goat cheese.  But forget for a second that the homemade versions are both healthier and cheaper.  Forget that store bought stock contains chemical flavoring agents and none of the boney mineral-y goodness of homemade stock.  What is the real reason I enjoyed those cups of stock at lunch?


Because it doesn't always turn out that good.  When you buy something at the store that tastes exactly the same every. single. time. you buy it, don't you kind of start to take advantage of it?  When I make something myself, yes I get a little disappointed and maybe even frustrated when it doesn't turn out right.  But when a batch turns out better than the norm it is absolutely joyous to consume.  It's like yin and yang.

You don't appreciate the good without the bad.

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