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Real Food Summit, 2012

Confused about real food?  Aren't we all.  Even I, as sure as I sound most of the time, get confused.  Ask my friend Caitlin... I had a full out meltdown over which cod liver oil to buy once.  It wasn't pretty:)

Blogger Sean Croxton has brought together some of the very foremost experts on real food to help us clear things up.

Starting tomorrow you will be able to view three videos per day featuring 29 doctors, farmers, scientists, foodies, and researchers speaking on their particular areas of expertise.  It's going to be pretty amazing.

Here's what you have to do to participate: Go to  At the bottom of the page, enter your email address.  Click enter.  You'll be emailed when videos are available.

And here's the fine print (it's not bad, don't worry!).  Only three videos will be posted per day.  Each set of three will be available from midnight to midnight, pacific time.  After the 24 hour period those videos WILL NOT be available for free, and new videos will be put up.  So make sure you watch the videos each day, you don't want to miss any!  After the summit is over the videos will be available to buy.

Get em' while they're free!

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