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Real Food Summit: A midway rundown.

Thanks to the Real Food Summit I have learned so much already this week (and it's only halfway done!).  I already knew what I should eat, and I had a vague idea as to why, but these presentations have filled in the blanks.

Here are some teasers, things that were covered in the presentations and that I will probably expound upon in future posts:
  • Our kids eat too much fruit.
  • Juice is as bad as I've always said (vindication!).
  • Plant based sources of omega 3's are really inferior to animal based sources.
  • Lots and lots on the health an necessity of saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • Vegetable oils are poison (coconut and olive oil excepted).
  • Soil quality is inextricably linked to food quality.
  • GMO's are dangerous, this has been proven scientifically over and over, but it has been hidden from us.
  • Vegetarian diets are NOT natural.
  • Bone stock is even more amazing than I ever thought!
  • Tooth decay is a symptom of poor nutrition.
  • Since 1973, there have been more illnesses and deaths from pasteurized milk than raw milk.
  • MSG and MSG like substances created in processed foods are making our kids picky eaters.
  • Supplements cause more harm than good.
 What do you think of these statements?  Do any surprise you?  Which would you like to hear more about first?

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