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Ah, summer...

... is almost over.  In the next four weeks my best friend is coming to visit from Cali, I'm going to a concert (while my kids spend the week at Grandma's!), we're going on a family vacation, and starting school/dance/piano lessons (hopefully).  Not to mention putting up tomatoes, making more pickles, and making 5 trillion little tiny baby jars of crab apple jelly for my sister's wedding.  And trying to keep my house from imploding, because I have this weird thing about having a relatively clean organized house when school starts.  Or at least last year that was my goal (and I think the pure and total failure on that front directly contributed to my feeling of panic and failure in Izzy's first weeks of school).
The good news- we accomlished all of this in one evening.  The bad news- this barely put a dent in the total.
I'm not saying I'm not going to post in the next few weeks.  I'm still going to try to.  I'm just saying don't hate me when I miss a day or two.  As a teaser, here are some things that I have come across.
  • Making crabapple wine (and the results of my very first batch of mead).
  • Even more scary info on statins.
  • My thoughts on dietary supplements.
  • More info on saving while eating real food.
  • My take on tattler lids... I was surprised by my reaction to them.
  • Some new running shoes.
  • Soap, lotion, and lip balm making.
  • A little on herbal remedies.
And I'm sure I'll come up with more...

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