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Back to School Time!

In honor of back to school season, I thought I'd remind you (and myself) of last year's freak out fest.

Preparing for Battle.

You see, normal moms, when their kids are about to start Kindergarten, obsess about their baby growing up, possibly even shed a few tears over it.  But I'm not normal.

I freaked out over food.  I freaked out over the fact that my house was a disaster, and I couldn't seem to get on top of it.  I freaked out about hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap.  I completely and totally lost the ability to keep track of anything and either lost or forgot every important thing I had or was supposed to do... including Kindergarten orientation.  Yep.  We missed it altogether.  I can blame a long list of outside factors- I had company the week before school started.  Two coffee pots died on vitally important days in the span of three weeks.  I had broilers, as many as 100, that required entirely too much of my time.  Excuses aside, though, I was loosing my mind, and while I don't know if that was my subconscious's way of distracting me or pure loss of control, I do know it wasn't pretty.

But as I freaked out (and it continued for a few weeks) something happened- Izzy started school!  And she loved it, and didn't freak out in the least.  In the midst of my insanity, she was oblivious.  She rode the bus for the first time, got to know her teacher, and made new friends.  She didn't care in the least that the house wasn't clean and that her mother had temporarily lost her mind.

Once I got into the swing of the school year things improved.  The pure and total awesomeness of Izzy's teacher was a huge help, as was Izzy's unadulterated love of school. 

This year will be better.  I'm freaking out less- there was one moment, when I found out that the only first grade classmate Izzy knew from Kinder was transferring to another school, that I got a little crazy in the head (I got a little irrationally upset at the mother, who I know is just making the best decision for HER child, which is totally her job).  I'm super sensitive about Izzy and her shyness, and for the last three years of school (two of preschool and then kinder) she has had a 100% new class.  I wanted her to finally have some stability and consistency in her friends.  But instead of brooding and letting it make me crazy, I sent a very nice email to her principle, explaining my issue and asking her to help.  She transfered Izzy to another class with a past classmate.  Problem solved:)

Happy back to school!  One thing I'm still working on is a list of ideas for school lunches- anyone have any to suggest?

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