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Lets talk about toothpaste

 I greatly apologize for the HUGE gap.  As I said before, I was on vacation, but I thought I would have the ability to post from the lake we were at.  I didn't know that 1) the marina has password protected their wifi (darn them!) and 2) our phones are data roaming at the lake.  All of that = no internet access for seven whole days.  I can't say it was completely awful.

But now I'm back to the old grind.  While our vacation was really fun and relaxing, I am really glad to be home.  I like home.  I missed home.

So yeah, I'm going to go into toothpaste today, mostly because of two things-
  1. I'm still unsure about how I feel about certain dental hygiene practices and products, and
  2. I've recently discovered a super awesome use for toothpaste (and just a hint, it has nothing to do with oral hygeine).
How can a person be unsure about brushing their teeth?  The simple answer is that in his research, Weston A. Price discovered that societies who consumed healthy, traditional diets had extremely low incidence of cavities or dental issues, even though none of them brushed their teeth.

But that's the simple answer.  My thoughts get slightly more complicated.  The statement above doesn't indicate that brushing one's teeth is bad, simply that it might not be necessary for good oral health (gasp! shock! horror!).  However, I'm not a huge fan of fluoride.   And honestly, explaining why may open a can of worms in my family that I'm a little scared to touch, but I'm going to go there, so let me preface this by saying that my conclusion is blameless.  Short story- my brother died of bone cancer.  Fluoride consumption in children has been strongly linked to bone cancer.  We consumed several forms of fluoride growing up, including fluoride vitamins (prescribed by our pediatrician) and the disgusting fluoride swishy stuff we were forced to do at school unless our parents opted us out.  So I don't like fluoride.  It makes me irate that they still sell "nursery water" marketed to parents of infants that contains fluoride.  I don't think it should be in our well water.  But I do think it is beneficial in our toothpaste, as long as we're not giving fluoridated toothpaste to children young enough to swallow it.  This is based on the very statistics used to justify fluoridated water- incidence of tooth decay declined sharply after fluoride was introduced into the water system, BUT what they don't tell you is that the same reduction happened in countries where fluoride was not introduced via city water, but use of fluoridated toothpaste became common.

Beyond flouride, I worry about all of those "extras" they now put into toothpaste.  Besides flavors and colors (toothpaste should be two things- white, and mint, and that is all), I worry most about the frequent use of triclosan in toothpaste.  I don't want that on my kids' hands, why would I want it in their mouths?

And then there's oil pulling.  I've read a lot of blog posts and personal testimonies concerning this practice, and even tried it a few times, but I'm hesitant to do it regularly until I get rid of these amalgam fillings (because I've heard oil pulling detoxes the mercury out of the fillings, possibly speeding its entry into your system).  And I'm not sure of it's role in my routine- I mean, is it meant to be a replacement for brushing teeth, or should it happen before or after?

Please, if you're up on this topic, feel free to fill me in!

Oh, and the super awesome use for toothpaste?  Brace yourself, this is a weird one, even for me.  First let me say that for this particular use, you can't use just any toothpaste, you have to use Young Living's Thieves toothpaste.  Honestly, I didn't like it much as a toothpaste... my mouth felt flat out dirty after using it.  But that's okay, because I bought it to use as.... deodorant.

It was on the recommendation of my TL consultant.  All of us who are trying to avoid chemical-y things know that the HARDEST one is deodorant- we try the homemade stuff and the natural stuff and the organic stuff... but none of it really works.  At least not for me, and pretty much everyone I know.  So I was asking her about the Thieves deodorant.  She said it worked okay, but that (this is going to sound weird, she says, and I say I can take weird...) the toothpaste works much better.  So I decide to try it.  And holy balls, did it work.  Like a whole day.  Even if you stink a little when you put it on (and we all know that natural deodorants can't do that!).  I've been using it for over a month now and LOVE it.  She did warn that for the first few weeks it can cause your armpits to itch due to detoxing, but since I didn't even wear the "natural" stuff that often (since it didn't work...) before, I didn't have any itching at all.  I dare you- try it.

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