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Pressure canning tomatoes, this isn't a post about how to pressure can tomatoes.  It's what I'm doing.  Right now.  At 11:56 at night.  And I'm going to can a batch of green beans after.  Aw summer.

I have lots of posts I want to write.  Lots.  But no time.  But no worries, I'm taking notes so I don't forget my ideas, and although next week is our vacation I plan to spend at least a little time working on some of them.

In the meantime, here are a few little items of interest:
  • New info on toxic crib mattresses and their link to SIDS, and why you should get rid of that old one.
  • Not to mention how toxic adult mattresses are... makes me glad we all sleep on old mattresses!
  • I went rock climbing for the first time.  My arms are still complaining, but I had fun!
Until next time!

1 comment:

Cait said...

Damnit, I was hoping for a canning recipe!

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