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Take that Olympians...

Beets... btw, don't use grated beets to make beet kvass.
Apparently beet juice is all the rage with the olympic athletes right now, as well as pickle juice to replace sodium lost while sweating.

If only they knew they could get the benefits of both AND THEN SOME from one delicious drink (seriously, much better tasting than beet juice- which I've heard tastes like sweet dirt...).

Beet juice alone is a superfood, so they're right on that account- it's loaded with calcium, sulfur, beta carotene, choline, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and folate as well as lots of potent cancer fighting antioxidants.  It is a known tonic for the liver and increases blood oxygenation.

Fermentation takes this already potent super food and kicks it up a notch.  All you add is salt (preferably sea salt, for even more added trace minerals) and water to chopped beets, and after a few days you have all of the nutrients from the beets as well as up to double the folate and increased levels of all of the other B vitamins.

I love it and try to drink some every day.  Even though I'm not an Olympic athlete.

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M├Ągi said...

This sounds so good! Oi. Love beets and haven't had 'em in a bit. I'll have to see if my grocery store has some in stock, still (we're a wee bit limited up here).


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