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The Scary side of Statins

I know I typically talk about health issues that affect kids, so it's odd to talk about statins.  While the health of the parent (and all other adults) is as important as the health of our children, the real reason I'm bringing up statins is because physicians have been prescribing them to children as young as 8 for high cholesterol.

The problems with this?  Let me count the ways:
  • There is no known "healthy" cholesterol level for kids, so what is high?  Most agree that kids need more cholesterol for proper brain and tissue development.
  • They (doctors, etc) claim that the prescription of statins is "to combat the obesity epidemic," but the last time I checked, statins have no affect on weight and have a negative affect on general health.
  • Statins mess up nutrient synthesis and absorption.  While this is an issue in adults, I would think it would be doubly pertinent in developing children, especially those who are pre-pubescent.
  • Statins often cause infertility.  So yeah, lets give them to our kids just when their reproductive systems are getting revved up.
  • Most recently, statins have been shown to cause type 2 diabetes, something our kids are already at higher risk of developing than in the past.  
  • Statins also damage muscle tissue and can impair mental function. 
Links on the dangers of cholesterol:

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