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We all know how it goes this time of year...

It's busy.  I'm eternally grateful I didn't get any broiler chickens this fall because man, I am busy.

But on top of being busy, I kind of feel like poo poo.  I'm 99% certain it's because I've been eating terribly and drinking way too much for the past three weeks.  If I never see another vodka and soda again, it will be too soon...

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be better off if I just went back to my old way of eating.  I felt okay back then- sure, I had migraines and my emotions were completely off the map unpredictable, and there were days I couldn't pry myself off the couch... okay, so maybe going back isn't a great idea.  But when I do transgress for any significant period the difference in how I feel is so significant that I am convinced I feel way worse than I ever did before.  This week has been the worst to date- my seasonal allergies (that I haven't had in over 7 years) have resurfaced, my vision is blurry, I have incredible brain fog (a friend told me a few days ago that I sound drunk when I try to talk... and no, I haven't had a drop since the last day of my vacation, Saturday night), and I am plum exhausted.  I've been sleeping 9+ hours a night and I'm still exhausted.

As I write this, though, I am seeing some perspective.  Despite not feeling the best this week I have picked a 5 gallon bucket of beans and half a bucket of onions, snapped and canned the beans, picked a large bowl of tomatoes, pruned all the bushes around the house, visited Izzy's piano teacher, attended her first grade open house, washed all the laundry from vacation, unpacked nearly all the bags (nearly...), kept the house relatively clean and organized, driven two hours to visit my cousin and her parents (she just moved to MN to get her masters in theology!), and found and tried several new lunch (for Izzy to pack for school) and breakfast recipes.  Oh, and completed the first two units of my Family Herbalist course (and getting 100% on both quizes!) AND their accompanying projects.

So no, I don't feel the best.  But back in my bad food days, there is no way I would have been able to do all of those things in a bad week, let alone in the first three days of a bad week (and the first three days post vacation, even!). 

Plus feeling this crappy reminds me of why we eat the way we eat, and gives me more motivation to redouble my efforts.  Because I still have a lot of food to harvest and put up this year!

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