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Health at Home

School started today.  It went well.  Izzy had a good day too:)

But that's not the only reason I've been too crazy busy to post more regularly.  As I mentioned in my last post it's been a combination of that, and harvesting/putting up, and my herbalist course.

I'm taking the Family Herbalist Course from Vintage Remedies.  So far I really like it, but... and don't take this the wrong way anyone who reads this, but right now I'm in the "I want to get through the stuff I already know and get to the good stuff" phase.

Don't get me wrong- the first portion of the course has value.  I'm a bit of a freak in that I know way more about these intro topics (health, nutrition, food, etc) and I've still learned some stuff.  I now can tell you all of the major B vitamins (by name and number) and what their role is in the body.  And for normal people, this is totally important information.  Herbalism isn't like modern medicine- you don't just throw a treatment at a symptom.  You look at the health of the whole body, including the environment it is in, the substances you put on it, and the food you put in it.  So it makes perfect sense to start at the beginning- good food for good health.

I don't see eye to eye with the author of this course on everything that is healthy, but I can get past that (although in the food guide, when she stated "sauerkraut is lower in vitamins than cabbage" I about lost it and sent an angry email, but I restrained myself...).

Anywho... something that is present throughout and that is not covered until the end of the course is the health of the home.  I know we've all heard the figure that indoor pollution is usually far greater than outdoor pollution, yet we still buy and use candles, sprays, and cleaners full of chemicals (although keep in mind that furniture, paint, and flooring also contribute- something to keep in mind the next time you shop for home furnishings).  I view my home as a haven for my children in all ways, including the health of their bodies.

So often I hear people say "oh, I want to get started making my own cleaners, but I just haven't had time/don't know where to start!"  Here's how you start.  Buy vinegar and baking soda and a large, heavy duty spray bottle.  Mix 2/3 vinegar and 1/2 water (or so- doesn't have to be exact) in the spray bottle.

Clean things.

That's it!  The real magic after that is knowing what to clean with which, and when you should use both (honestly, I only use both if the sink is super gunky or if the drain is slow).  Generally anything shiny or smooth clean with vinegar.  Anything super gunky (sinks, bathtubs, toilets) use baking soda.  With the toilet I scrub it with with some baking soda, flush, and then pour in some vinegar and let it soak (usually before I go to bed, so it can soak overnight).

Yes, there are really amazing homemade cleaners that are more complicated than this one, but here's the thing- if you find yourself needing something specific (like, say, a pet stain remover or a pet odor eliminator....) you look it up, and you make that one.  You don't need to make a whole cabinet full of cleaners.

And you'll be able to breath.

Have you taken the plunge and purged any/all your chemical laden cleaners?

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Amanda said...

We all have our "posting slack" moments. No worries.
Great blog!
I'm glad i found you. :)

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