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As you may have noticed, especially if you follow my facebook page, this past Friday I expanded my endeavors a little.

I started studying herbal medicine because I want my own family to be healthier, and because I had doubts about the effectiveness of conventional medicine.

My recent expansion is the result of several factors:
  • I want to share what I know and do with others.  You may not have the time or the knowledge, or the time to find the knowledge (ha...), so I want to put what I know and what I do out there so that others can benefit.
  • I really like doing it.  I like it all- the studying, the mixing, the formulating... I like it so much, I want to make WAY more than what my family can use!
  • I want to make herbal health enhancers more available and more affordable, so that everyone can use them.
Keep checking in at my Etsy store, I plan to continue to add products.  As the Christmas shopping season nears, especially, I want to add more luxurious yet clean skin care products.  If there's something specific you would like to see, please let me know!

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