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Cold Cream and Warm Apologies

I've got a long list of excuses:
  • I'm sick.  Pretty sure I have laryngitis.
  • My internet has been making me insane all week- all of a sudden it's acting like we have bandwidth restrictions, and strict ones.  Makes uploading blog pictures and etsy listings a NIGHTMARE.
  • My sister is getting married next week, which somehow translates to a mile long to do list for me.
  • There are lots of things going on here.  I had a board meeting on Tuesday here at my home that required two days of cleaning and food prep (OCD much???).  Izzy had a field trip today.  I'm preparing products for the holiday rush I hope to have and a craft fair I hope to attend.  Plus all of the normal craziness of life.
But I know, excuses excuses.  And on top of that I've been composing blog posts all week in my head.  Good ones.  Thought provoking ones.  Instead you get this.

Cold cream.

But in all fairness, I'm pretty excited about this cold cream.

It is the oil cleansing product I myself have been using for the past few weeks, and my skin has never been more amazing.  My skin is soft, supple, smooth, and clear.  And this product is even easier to apply than the liquid oil.  I adore it!

Many people argue that you shouldn't use solid oils on your face, especially if you have acne.  I have to say a wholeheartedly disagree.  I think that palm and coconut oils are about the best oils one can use for acne- both are naturally antibiotic, which takes care of acne caused by surface bacteria, and both contain saturated fat, which is beneficial for skin conditioning.  And anecdotally, I used coconut oil to cure my own acne long before I knew anything about oil cleansing.

Give it a try!  Oh, and a hint- I accidentally just made a way too big batch of this yesterday, so keep an eye out in the next week or so for a special on it!

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