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Craft Fair???

I know I've been startlingly absent again.  But don't I usually go missing around the holidays?  So posting at all is a big improvement in my opinion...

I just wanted to show off my booth from a craft fair last week.

No, it's no inspired work of art, but for a first craft show prepared for at the last minute on a limited budget, it's not bad.  And those crates have been since repurposed as a little shelf in the corner of my living room.

The funny thing about this craft fair, and about many of the craft fairs I have been to in the past few years?  Less crafts.  More and more direct sales companies like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Taste of Home.

At this particular craft fair I was actually the only booth selling anything even remotely crafty... with the exception of the dance boosters (the craft fair was put on by the boosters of my daughter's dance studio) who were selling some crafty items as fundraisers.
I guess I see why this is- anyone can work for a direct sales company, while not just anyone can create things to sell people.  Creating your own products takes vision, talent, and time.  A person with a full time job probably doesn't have the time to turn around and create things to sell at home, but they could have time to do direct sales.

But I still wish there were more original, handmade options at craft fairs around here.  I get tired of seeing the exact same products from the exact same companies at every event I go to.

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