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Excuse me, but I'm kind of pissed right now...

So my language may be a little stronger than normal.
Baby in a Bumbo- even I feel for the hype.  Now I know how many things are wrong with this picture.
I want to know why the hell parents insist on complicating infants.  I get why companies in the business of selling baby products do- that's how they make money- but why do parents continue to fall for it?

Because, you see, infants are simple.  They need about four things- a place to sleep, seasonally appropriate clothings, something to catch the poo, and nourishment (preferably via boob, but that is not the topic of today's rant).  (oh, and a carseat... those are kind of important)

That is all.

I promise.

I'm not saying those are the only baby products I owned.  With my first I fell into the same commercial traps every new parent falls for, I followed the lists of things to buy.  But even once I learned the err of my misled ways I realized there are some things that are downright convenient to have.  But all of the ones that are the most helpful and the most necessary are simple- a simple wrap or sling carrier.  A simple cotton blanket for swaddling, covering, shading, and nursing (if you choose to cover).  A few simple pacifiers.  Simple olive or coconut oil for massaging and moisturizing baby's sensitive skin.  And of course cute clothes applied as desired.  But besides those few simple (did I mention simple?) items, I can't think of another single thing I couldn't live without.

So why do we have to have all of these THINGS that we don't need, and that in many cases are actually hazardous for your baby?  Like sleep positioners, crappy expensive baby carriers that you can't use very long (I'm talking to you Baby B'jorn), Bumbo Seats, bouncy seats, exosaucers, doorway jumpers.  STOP TRYING TO CONTAIN YOUR BABY!  They don't need them.  They're not good for them.  Many are harmful.  Some are deadly.

Like this one, the Nap Nanny.  "But my kid sleeps so much better in their carseat!"  That's normal.  And it's probably because they're either easily lulled by the sound and motion of the car, or because they have reflux.  In the first case the stupid and dangerous Nap Nanny won't help, and in the second there are other, easier, safer things you can do to increase your baby's comfort.

*End Rant*

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