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Seasons, or viscious cycle?

Some locals and I have started a healthy foods discussion group, and it was just what I needed.
Bread- is it my enemy?
I had reached a point where I had been hugely disregarding my overall health philosophy.  I was doing the easy and the super important- buying organic, pastured, and grassfed foods; eating healthy fats.  But I was ignoring some other important elements, which has in turn been causing me health issues.

I have been eating an ungodly amount of sugar.  Probably still far less than the average American eats throughout the year, but a lot for me.

I have been eating far more wheat than I know is healthy for me (often in conjunction with the above).  And I've been ignoring the mere idea that any wheat at all may not be good for me.

I have not been eating probiotic foods regularly.

I have not been consuming as much organ meats as I should.

I have a pattern, or at least I have for the past few years.  In the spring I eat a decent, if simple, diet that includes a lot of fresh greens, berries, and some meat, and I usually restart drinking kombucha.  As the summer progresses I get more busy and slide back a little, but still eat lots of local, organic produce and begin to eat some fermented vegetables and daily coconut oil as well.  Then into fall my intake of wheat goes up, even while I increase my stock consumption and buckle down on the fermented cod liver oil.  Into December all rules go out the window as I eat Christmas cookies, candy, and all sorts of goodies.  Then in January I always feel the need to reset all at once- I frequently give up all grains and all sugars all at once.

But is it good to continue this cycle every year?  Or am I causing damage by repeating these cycles?

This remains to be seen.  But I do know that, instead of going with all out dietary debauchery for the rest of the month, I am going to gradually cut back until January, when I cut out the grains and the sugars altogether.  And this year I will be doing some supports, since simply giving up grains and sugars never seems to cause a huge improvement in my health- I'll be using bitters and digestive enzymes for digestion, kelp for iodine, and a few herbs for detoxing- the overall goal is both detoxing and thyroid support.  We'll have to see how it goes.

Who knows, perhaps this time I'll feel so much better I will break the cycle.

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