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Yeah, I've missed something kind of obvious...

I changed my comment moderation a while back.  I used to have word verification AND moderator approval, but I wasn't catching comments in a timely manor and a few people complained that the word verification wasn't working well and was a pain in the booty.  So I turned both off.  Then I didn't check the comments because I assumed that blogger would still notify me of new comments (that would make too much sense, though...).

So I had a lot of spam comments, and a lot of questions that didn't get answered.  I deleted the former and now I am apologizing to the latter.  I'll do my best to answer the questions now, but if I missed you or you have more questions you can ask them here or on the relevant post- I have turned comment moderation back on and set it to email me, and I've gotten really good at answering emails quickly, so most comments should be approved within 12-24 hours.  Don't worry, there's still no annoying word verification, but I will not approve any nonsense or spammy or irrelevant comments.  SO SPAMMERS BEWARE!  Like they would read this:)

***Sorry, I did end up having to turn word verification on- I got a LOT of spam and nonsense in just the last 24 hours.  Hopefully just having it on for a few weeks will deter them and I can turn it back off.  If it's easier for you, click over to my facebook page and comment there!***

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