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Hey Facebook Fans...

I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to do this.  I was hoping that, since a lot of other blogs brought this issue up, you all wouldn't want to hear about it from me, too.

Now I just hope you're hearing it at all.

Hopefully you all have some sort of blog roll or RSS feed, and those still don't discriminate.  But on Facebook, which has been one of my primary ways of communicating, it is getting harder and harder to be one of the little guys and get noticed. 

So, if you want my posts and updates to show up in your news feed, here's what you have to do.  Visit my facebook page, hover over the "like" button, and it will say "add to interest list."  Click on that, and make a list.  Make sure to add the other blogs and pages you like, especially the little guys!

Another way to assure you see my posts- like or comment on my posts and updates.  Facebook is trying to figure out what you like- however, if you only see things in your feed you already like, when do you get the chance to potentially like other things?  Other than paid ads, that is- they sure as heck throw that at us these days whether we want them or not.

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