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Resolving Saving Money, Being Healthy, AND Being Green?

Can it be done?  I think it can, but it is obviously a balancing act.

And it does require tiny compromises.  For example, I would love to only use glass everything.  But glass is expensive, and honestly there are certain things that work better in plastic for me, like for freezing or school lunches.

There are these tiny plastic containers that I adore that I have only ever found at the local Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for dips for the kids or for carrying sea salt in my purse (yep, I do that).  So I went to the Dollar Tree the other day to get some more, and since I had time to kill I just perused for a while.

Which got me thinking- there are quite a few things I am totally okay with buying at the Dollar Tree, even though I would normally avoid such a store because most of the products are low quality disposable items.

What did I find?
  • Glass food storage (with plastic lids, and not leak proof, but still...) very similar to a set of pricier pyrex I already have, pictured above.
  • The aforementioned tiny dip containers, which are even BPA free- that whole package in the picture is $1.  And these are leak proof- I have used them in the past to send homemade cough syrup to school with Izzy (don't tell- I include it in her lunch and I just told her that, if anyone questions her, just tell them it's syrup... which is not at all a lie).
  • Office Supplies.  I got a HUGE pack of note cards (about twice the size other stores carry) and pens.  I'm a total pen snob- the pens I usually use are about $5 for a pack of two.  I found the same kind (not brand, but kind) of pen, $1 for two.  I only bought one package for now, because I wanted to make sure they work as well as what I normally buy, but so far so good.
  • Art supplies for the kids.  I bought the kids a package of heart shaped doilies this particular trip, but they have a decent selection of stuff.
  • Basic games, toys, and puzzles.  Oliver has been bugging me lately to teach him checkers.  I have a chess set that I THOUGH had checkers as well, but it turns out I was mistaken.  So I bought a $1 checkers set at the Dollar Tree.  It was partially dissapointing, because the board was utter crap (thin, warped cardboard that would be a pain to play on, because the checkers would never stay in place) but I only wanted the checkers anyway, which were acceptable.  So we just used the checkers with my existing chess board.  So your mileage may vary.
  • Emergency Supplies.  A lot of the supplies in my "bug out" box come from the Dollar Tree- candlesticks, matches, twine, extra things like can openers and the like.
 My point- don't discount discount stores.  As long as you have the self control to avoid unnecessary junk they can help keep your spending down, giving you more to spend on good, quality food!

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