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Why I Love Claire Thomas

First: who is Claire Thomas?  You may or may not know.  She's a reasonably successful food blogger (check out her blog, the Kitchy Kitchen) with a cooking show on Saturday morning during Litton's Weekend Adventure on ABC (the replacement for Saturday morning cartoons, and much better than the Disney junk they used to play).  Lazing around and watching Litton's Weekend Adventure on Saturday mornings has become a bit of a tradition in our house... okay, the kids kind of come and go while I laze around.  The first three shows are animal/nature/culture shows (the last is hard to categorize, but it's my favorite- the host travels to different areas and highlights everything from the local wildlife to the cuisine and local traditions, both domestic and exotic).  Then comes Recipe Rehab, where I spend the entire hour yelling at the TV "Lard is too good for you!" and "how dare you cut out the cheese!"  Good family fun:)

And then comes Claire.  And why do I love Claire?  For a lot of reasons.  She's young and almost perky, but not so much so that she looks like she should be wearing a cheerleading outfit.  I think the real key is in the name of her show- Food for Thought.  She thinks about her food, but not so much that she seems neurotic.  She's not preachy, she just uses good, real, tasty ingredients.  She very obviously loves real, whole food- chicken with the bones and skin, full fat dairy, a wide variety of grains and nuts and vegetables... and sometimes even desserts.  She isn't afraid to cook vegan, or vegetarian, or grain or gluten free, but she doesn't push any of them as the "right" way to eat.  And she obviously has a very healthy attitude towards food and eating- between the overuse of convenience un-foods and conflicting health information this has become almost a novelty.  Her versatile, real food cooking is easy for anyone to enjoy and adapt to their own needs.  Most importantly of all, she has an amazing sense of taste and every recipe of hers I have tried has been A-mazing.

I encourage you to check out her blog and look up her series of short cooking videos on youtube.

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