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It's my birthday...

As it typical of me in the spring, I have been not blogging.  I'm no longer making excuses about it, it just is.  I will say that every spring when it happens I think "maybe I'll just be done blogging."  But I can't.  I like to write.  Nay, I NEED to write.  Whether anyone reads it or not is irrelevant.

So it's my birthday. 

I don't say this to elicit birthday wishes.  I actually don't like the attention.  I'm happy as long as (most of) my family remembers to call me.

This morning I was thinking about how I would most like to spend my birthday.  Now, I wouldn't mind being on a lake right now, or laying on a beach somewhere... I do love water.   But after I did chores I was sitting on the porch, drinking my coffee, defending my eggs from our horribly vicious pride of kittens.  The weather was perfect- warm, but not humid and not TOO warm.  As I sat on the porch and watched my dog laying in the sun, the kittens (once I had convinced them I was not going to share) wrestling on the cushion of the other chair, and the chickens happily scratching around in the yard as the rooster dutifully ran back and forth between the two (open) pens, making sure everyone is okay and behaving themselves, I couldn't think of many places I would rather be.

The older I get the less I want to leave my home.  We just got back from a trip to visit our families and, as much as we love them, I was happy to get home (although the events of the trip may have heightened that emotion... but more on that later).  Even Izzy felt it- when we got home we all rushed over to make sure the kittens and the baby chicks were okay, and Izzy said "I missed Daisy, I'm so glad we're home" (and it was obvious by thier full out run to greet us when we arrived, the kittens felt the same way). 

What is the relevance of this?  Well, not much... except that it might be time to get that goat (and that horse) I've been jonesing for the past... forever.  If we don't want to leave home much, why should we?  And if we stay home most of the time, we might as well get more animals... like my reasoning?

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