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I have something to tell you...

And that's kind of a big deal.  Since I haven't really had much to say for the past several months.  I haven't been lazy, I just kind of ran out of things to say, and (unlike some bloggers...) don't feel the need to constantly repost old posts and reblog other bloggers' material, so I took a break.  But, as I often do this time of year when the mid winter crazies start to get to me, I needed another outlet (and something to do as I avoid the snow and cold outside).  Plus, due to some recent developments I feel like I have stuff to say again, at least for now.

Because (and I'm going to tell you this unceremoniously... so beware) I'm pregnant.  There, I said it.  I don't like to draw a lot of attention to myself, so this has been weird for me lately.  I honestly don't remember how I handled it with the last two kids... I'm not one to post some cutesy picture on Facebook and be all like "I'm pregnant, yeah me!"  I hate telling people in person unless it comes up (and honestly, how often does that come up?).  And I'm at that awkward phase where I just look like  I've put on some belly pounds, or maybe like I have some awful tumor growing in my abdomen.  In other words, I'm at exactly the stage where you NEVER want to say to a woman "are you pregnant?"

But, despite my inhibitions re: bringing any sort of undue attention to myself, I'm excited.  I feel like my kids are at a good age for this to happen- they're old enough to understand what's happening, and they're really super self sufficient, I don't feel like I'm piling a ton of work (because I do still remember that newborns are a ton of work) on top of a ton of other work.  In fact, the baby will be born after school gets out for the summer, and next fall Oliver will go to Kindergarten... all day every day kindergarten!  I'm not ashamed to say that I'm probably a hair more excited about him starting Kinder than I probably should be.  It's not that I don't love the boy... I even love having him around 95% of the time because he's funny and clever and seven kinds of entertaining.  He's just soooo on all the time, and despite my best efforts he's not very good at entertaining himself (despite how good he is at entertaining me).  So whatever, judge me if you want, I have a pretty strong policy against guilt, so I'll continue on my merry way whether you judge or not.

Another exciting point is that BOTH of my sisters are also pregnant.  We're all due within like 4 months.  My poor mother :)

So now that I'm suddenly plunged BACK into the world of babies and all the crazy that comes with being a new (or new again) mom, I figure that will inspire some blog posts.  Or not and the next thing you'll hear from me will be "look at my cute baby!"  We'll see.  But at the moment I have some topics I'm really interested in.

First and foremost in my mind is the topic of money and STUFF.  I've always said I kind of wished I could go back with what I know now and NOT buy 90% of the crap I bought when Izzy was born.  Well, since I don't have any baby stuff left (really, nothing, other than my Ergo and a few other carriers, and some random large diapers I found the other day that won't do me any good until well into the second year...) it looks like I'm going to get that do-over.  So I'm taking it very seriously.  I'm keeping track of what I spend.  I'm making lists of what I need, what brand/type I want, and searching for it (when reasonable) second hand.  So I would imagine a post will follow soon on how I'm spending (and saving) money for this baby in a variety of ways that I knew nothing about with my first kids.

And I'm sure other things will come up.  I'm sure food and general baby related health will come up.  I'm sure I'll talk about my planned natural out of hospital birth.  And other random stuff.  So I hope you enjoy... and if not, there's the door:)

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