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Having a Baby- the Tough Questions

It is no secret that, when compared to the mainstream, I have radical practices and beliefs when it comes to how I care for and manage my family.  Why is this?  Because I was born questioning everything.

When my children first started getting sick- nonstop, awful, obviously-not-run-of-the-mill-sick- I was repeatedly told "this is normal" and "kids just get ear infections" and "your son probably has asthma, just deal with it."  But I can not just accept something like constant illness as normal, so I started asking questions and, when my pediatrician could supply none, I started searching for them on my own.  Thanks to much reading and asking and (thankfully) an open minded pediatrician we figured out the problem.  My kids were allergic to milk and wheat.  It was a simple solution to a draining period of illness.  But was this something a doctor brought up on one of their many visits?  Not once.  Even though it is suspected that at least 50% of children who suffer from repeated ear infections are allergic to milk, and that their infections would stop altogether by simply avoiding milk, it was not brought up.  Instead the doctors talked of "official" asthma diagnosis, inhalers, antibiotics, and tubes.  Surgery, over something as simple as eliminating dairy.  If that doesn't sum up the current state of our healthcare system, I don't know what does.

Thankfully I had the strength and the sense to start doing my own research.  On my own I found out the link between frequent upper respiratory illnesses and dairy and asked my pediatrician if they could be tested for food allergies.

And so started my own personal revolution.  My research on food allergies led me to whole foods and a huge host of natural healing methods.  After a mere 8 months of elimination and healing and focusing on properly prepared real foods, my children could again consume dairy and wheat.  Even though Izzy still cannot consume conventional fluid milk without regressing a little and still has obvious reactions to over-consumption of sugar, their lives have more or less returned to normal, and we eat a roughly 80/20 real food/"other" food diet.

(yes, longest intro ever, I'm not actually talking about food today...)  But I will also admit that, after the onslaught of learning and dietary changes that followed that chapter of my life, I had had enough.  At least for a while.  Issues that I had not researched I conveniently ignored and I decided it was okay to just rest on my laurels for a while.  And I can honestly say that, due to the intensity of my journey in the months before, that was okay.  And since my kids were mostly vaccinated by the time we figured out what was going on, I had more or less ignored the issue until recently.  But because of this current pregnancy and the issues I had with my children I realized recently that this is NOT an issue I can ignore any longer.  So I started to read.

But as much as I'm not here to talk about food today, I'm also not here to tell you whether or not to vaccinate your child.  No one on the planet should listen to me re: this topic.  But I am here to ask you some questions:
  • Why is it that any parent choosing not to vaccinate is asked "did you do your research?" (and that's if the person is being kind...), but no one asks this of parents who choose to vaccinate?
  • What do you know about the effectiveness, safety, and ingredients of vaccines?
  • Why has the number of vaccinations absolutely skyrocketed in the past 30 years?
I didn't even intend for this post to be about vaccines- my intention was to make this point: take nothing at face value.  Do nothing without thought.  Your life, up until the months before you conceived your child, only affected you, and someday you will no longer be around.  But the second you decide to have a baby your life and your decisions suddenly take on a much larger significance.  Every decision you make not only affects your own offspring, but possibly even THEIR children.  Do not let this incite guilt, but do let it encourage you to question EVERYTHING.  From vaccines to circumcision, to baby food and formula, anything that enters or touches or even comes near your child becomes worthy of your questions, and what other people think of you no longer matters.  Because people thinking you are crazy is so much less important now than the well being of that little person you are carrying.

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