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A love letter to cloth diapers

Diapers.  I want to share my love for my you before it slowly fades away.

Because we all know (well, at least I know, I've been through this before) it will fade.  The romance will slowly dissolve into tolerance, then resentment, and we will likely part ways.  I predict the relationship ends in about a year and a half (at least I hope...).

In fact, the first sign of problems with our relationship has already manifested.  I now have to rinse you.  How inconsiderate; why is it I have to do all the hard work in this relationship? 

(yes, I know, you take all the crap) 

For now I will put up with it and keep hoping you change.

So before the romance dies, I would like to publicly proclaim my love.

Oh my dear cloth diapers,

How I love thee.  Four and a half years ago, when we parted ways, I thought it was for the best.  I was frustrated with stuffing your insides into you every two days (wow, that sounds way dirtier than I intended, I apologize to my more delicate readers), and none of you were very cute (there, I said it).  You were getting old and pilly and the spark was gone.  I no longer felt that little tingle of excitement, that flutter, when I put you on baby's bum.  Yes, you were still helping me save money and the environment, but that can only take a girl so far, you know?

I had no idea I'd take you back.  I was DONE.  DONE I said.  But it wasn't you (at least not all you...) it was me.  More specifically, me not having any more baby bums to put you on.  Then, as fate would have it, we changed our minds and decided another baby bum might not be so bad.  And when I saw those two little lines, my first thought may have been "I need to start buying diapers!"

So the love affair was rekindled.  Having previously proclaimed there would be no more baby bums in this household, I had gotten rid of everything baby save a few fitted diapers and a few carriers that held much sentimental and little monetary value.  I could have been frustrated, but I was excited to start over.  THIS time I would only buy the really important things for baby.  THIS time I would avoid all the junk.  I made my short list of needs, and at the very top was you, dear cloth.

This time you had changed.  Fitted diapers!  No more stuffing! And this time, dear cloth, we decided to take things slowly.  Instead of rushing into a fully committed relationship, as we did last time, we started with a few diapers when the bum was two weeks old.  Then a few more.  But as my love was rekindled, more and more diapers found their way onto that dear baby bum, with very few regrets.

Of course, our love has evolved over these short months.  Fitted diapers were fantastic when that delicious little baby bum was tiny and relatively still.  But as it began to squirm and roll, we both realized that the two step we had been doing wasn't going to work for much longer.  So we reconsidered pockets and stuffing.  Even the stuffing has been different this time, though.  You are so pretty that I could stuff you all night long (alright, that one was totally intentional...).

I love you alone.
I love you with a tshirt or peeking out from under pants.
I even love you all stacked up.

Oh how I love you.  And even though I know our time is fleeting, I will live for today. 

I will carpe diaper. 

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